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  • Practice trading across various instruments

Want to try or practice your trading skills with a dummy ‘paper trading’ account before you trade with real money? 

Start trading in under 5 minutes with these free Forex Trading DEMO Accounts…


Here are list of Forex Brokers that offer Demo Accounts for Prospective and Existing Traders

Minimum Deposit

Trading Platform: META TRADER 4

You can open a fully functional Forex Demo trading account using professional MetaTrader 4 platform which is rightly considered to be the most popular solution in Forex trading sphere. MetaTrader 4 offers its services on 107 currency instruments, 34 U.S. stocks CFDs, futures CFDs, trades on gold and silver, and many others. – By InstaForex


One of the most interesting trading innovations of the past decade has been social or copy trading. Copy trading uses technology to duplicate the trades of successful traders you follow (who are also known as forex signal providers).

Every time they trade on their account, you can automatically copy their trades scaled for your risk preferences directly into your account. Keep in mind that most markets experience exceptional conditions from time to time and that should be taken into consideration when you take positions based on a signal.

Want to start trading on Forex, but don’t want to risk your money? Instaforex will help you trade efficiently with no risks and investments!


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